Cost of Participation

Exhibiting Rates:

Booth Rate
Bare Space SGD 480/sqm (min. 18sqm)
Shell Scheme SGD 550/sqm (min. 9sqm)
Singapore Pavilion Stand SGD 630/sqm (min. 9sqm)

Exhibitors who are taking raw space must submit the plan of their booth on A3 size paper on a scale of 1:100 indicating the floorplan, the front elevation, prospective view and one cross section, indicating the height and material used. You must also include the name and address of the contractor/s in the plan. Designs will be subject to approval by organizers, venue owners and relevant local authorities.

Shell Scheme:

9sqm Standard Shell Scheme Package

A 9sqm Standard Shell Scheme Package will include:

  • Fascia Board with company name & stand no.
  • White partitions
  • Needle-punched carpeting
  • Single phase electrical socket (220V)
  • 2 fluorescent lights
  • 2 folding chairs
  • 1 information counter
  • 1 waste paper basket