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24 November 2016 I 12:30pm – 5:00pm

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Theme: Architectural Glass Application for Vietnam

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Welcome Address

by HCMC Association of Architects


Keynote Address

Mr Nigel Greenhill from GreenhilLi


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Session Topic 'The right glass for the Vietnam market’



  • Today, there are many different glass types available in the construction industry. However, it is very important to select the most appropriate glass for the intended use. This means that careful research is required to produce the correct specifications and technical drawings to suit the design intent.
  • In this region, we have a developing market that has increasingly high expectations from the glass industry, yet the climatic demands here are much different to other parts of the world and so this means that careful research is required to produce the correct specifications and designs to suit the brief.
  • In Singapore, GreenhilLi has recently completed 2 new wings at the Asian Civilisations Museum; a heritage listed colonial building dating back 150 years. The building was never originally intended to be a museum, yet changes in the growth of Singapore has reinforced the importance of these older buildings to be adaptively reused as important parts of our cultural heritage and used as public buildings.
  • The Riverfront Wing that fronts the Singapore River promenade is a welcoming open doorway to the museum. The main feature is a grand titanium entrance portal that draws visitors into the expansive daylight-filled space. The new gallery that is home to the Tang Shipwreck collection is awash with daylight filtering through numerous circular skylights. Through the same, the roof terrace above that has an enviable riverfront view comes alive at night, illuminated by pools of light from the gallery below.
  • The second extension, the Kwek Hong Png Wing consists of three separate purpose-built galleries over three levels designed to offer different exhibition environments. The architecture takes on the form of a metallic titanium cuboid ‘weightlessly’ elevated one level above the ground. The courtyard with surrounding heritage façades is the backdrop within which the three-storey daylight-filled glass atrium forms part of the 1st storey gallery space.
  • In achieving these concepts, the appropriate selection of glass was given high importance. Glass has been used in facades, overhead skylights, balustrades and as exterior walkable surfaces, with different combinations of single, double and multi-laminated glass units to meet the design and technical specification requirements.
  • Nigel will provide an overview of the project and focus on the different types of glass used, highlighting design intent, technical challenges and final outcome.

Mr Hiroshi Kojima

Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development Group AGC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


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Session Topic: Delivering Innovative Façade Solutions for Sustainability


Trends in Green building and infrastructure development in Southeast Asia region has been increasing in recent years. One of the key consideration to this development is the use and application of sustainable and innovative materials to improve energy efficient in order to reduce the operating costs of a building or infrastructure. As developing countries move towards sustainable building and construction, we have to look for available materials that we can use to meet both aesthetics as well as energy efficient.

Greening existing buildings is also fast becoming a key consideration in many countries. Reducing long term energy usage and improving comfort for tenants are key objectives in greening existing buildings. 

In this conference, we examine the use of sustainable materials and share the reasons why the use of these materials are on the uptrend.

Topics covered in this seminar will include:

  • Incorporating renewable energy materials in facades and building structures
  • Reducing Energy loads in existing buildings



Mr Lorenzo Pesce

Global Coated Glass Specialist in AGC Glass Europe


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Session Topic: Fullfilling Your Solar Control & Energy Saving Needs  


The increasing needs for solar control and energy efficient glass in South East Asia regions greatly influence the architectural designs and type of glass used today.

Learn and discover more about the significance role of glass in reducing energy cost while maintaining optimal temperatures within a building.


Mr Sadayuki Nomura

Senior Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development Group AGC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


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Session Topic: Alpolic TM with Lumiflon TM coating for Green Building



LUMIFLON TM was developed and commercialized by AGC Asahi Glass in 1982, as a new type of fluoropolymer resin. Coating based on fluoropolymer resins are recognized as the most durable finishes for exterior application that is commercially available.

Because of its features, LUMIFLON TM based coatings are able to maintain excellent appearance (gloss, color) for architectural and infrastructure segments for more than 25 years.

Key Features;

• Outstanding UV Light Resistance

• Long-lasting Color and Gloss Retention

• Superior Corrosion Protection

• Excellent Chemical Resistance

• Easy to Recoat

Mr Bob Ang

Sales Manager, of Alpolic Aluminium Composite Material Department in Mitsubishi Plastics Asia Pacific


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Session Topic: Alpolic TM with Lumiflon TM coating for Green Building



Alpolic is a composite material made of Aluminium and Plastic. In 1971, Alpolic was mainly used for signboard, housing and vehicles. In 1980s the introduction of our continuous coil coating line was enhanced with high quality finishes. In 1990s, we developed the technology for fire-retardant core that are suitable for Architectural application. Asahi Glass Company (AGC) that developed Lumiflon paint, supply their excellent paint system to Alpolic. Alpolic/fr is recognised as the most preferred material for external and internal claddings for most landmark projects regionally.

2.35PM Tea Break

Dr. Arch. Pham Phu Cuong

Board member of Ho Chi Minh City Association of Architects

 Dean of Architecture Department – University of Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City


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Session Topic: Glass and The Change of Architecture


Dr. Bernd Koll

Manager Global Safety Segment Kuraray Europe GmbH


SessionTopic: PVB and Ionoplast interlayer portfolio and their use in laminated safety glass applications




Laminated safety glass is more and more important in the construction of façade, window and roof glazing for both residential and public buildings.

It shows advantages over tempered or float glass whenever there is a danger of violation of people after destruction in e.g. public traffic zones.

In case of structural properties of glazing in complex façade construction high performance interlayers can replace standard interlayers in LSG to fulfil specific load requirements and structural strength in the modern building skin.

An overview of interlayer materials is presented including new functions which can only be fulfilled by laminated glass solutions.


Arch. Nguyen Truong Luu

 President of Ho Chi Minh City Association of Architects


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Session Topic: Glass With Green Architecture


4.15PM Panel Discussion
4.35PM Closing Remarks

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