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Address      : 1B, An Phu Ward,

                     Thuan An Town,

                     Binh Duong Province

 Tel             : 84 6503712840

 Fax            : 84 6503712841

 Email         : sales@aardwolf.com.au 

 URL           : www.aardwolf.com.au

As a leading manufacturer of slab lifters and handling equipment of building materials in Vietnam, Aardwolf joins Glasstec Asia 2016 with premium and efficient products supporting to the glass industry. Besides the variety of qualified equipment, with light and compact structure, Glass Lifter series is one of Aardwolf’s salient handling products. The lifters are controlled mechanically and automatically during lifting and dropping process without electricity or compressed air. Glass lifters can combine with other Aardwolf’s featured equipment such as forkifts, jib cranes, transport frames to optimize the works.